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RE: [IPp] Remember to bolus

One possible explanation may be that she has entered the bolus on the pump correctly, but has not hit "ACT" for the final time to actually give it.  This has happened to us a few times (using a Paradigm).  If the final confirmation is not given, then after about 10 seconds the pump gives a few beeps and goes back to the main screen without giving the bolus.

Rick M

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Subject: [IPp] Remember to bolus

I would assume this has been discussed in the past but since I don't get
on too often I'm going to ask anyway.  My 10 year old daughter has been
pumping since August, diabetic since 2.  The last month she is having a
terrible time remembering to bolus after she eats.  Does anyone have any
"tricks" to help her remember?  Sometimes she swears she bolused, but
when I look at the history it does not show a bolus and her numbers
reflect that.  Do you think there is a way that she really is bolusing
but for some reason it's not happening - a highly unlikely event I know,
but it's been happening way too often lately so I'm searching all
options!  Thanks for your help!



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