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Subject: [IPp] testing in cold weather


When we four-wheel or sleighride in cold weather, I just keep the tester
in our coat pocket and have never had a problem.  An inside coat pocket
would probably work best, as it is closer to the body/warmth. Or
maybe even inside the coat in a sweatshirt pocket?  Amelia did this when
she took snowboarding lessons during a field trip for school and tested
right there on the hill!  All went well and it is pretty dang cold here
in Utah!  If that didn't work, how about putting one of those disposable
pocket warmers in with it to help keep it warm!  (the ones that you pop
open-they last for several hours!)

Cheri McCurdy

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 20:40:39 -0500
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPp] testing in cold weather

Hope I am not committing an IP faux pas by posting the same thing to both
the ip and pop lists.  I sometimes read only the pop lists because I
don't have time for all the posts on the main list.  Anyway, here's the
question I posted to the main list:

To enjoy all the New England snow this year, Lauren and Megan started
skiing lessons today.  How do skiers handle testing outside in cold
weather?  I sent Lauren off today with pockets filled with airheads and
Gu, but no meter.  I doubt she would take the time to come all the w! ay
back to test everytime she should.  I trust that she'll treat a low while
skiing if she feels it, but I'd like to know how her blood sugar is doing
to see how to adjust her basals.  Even just playing outside, sometimes
she is too far from a warm enough place to test when she needs to.  Any
mom to Lauren, now 7, dx'd 11/00, pumping 5/02, and Megan, who just
turned 5



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