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Re: [IPp] EMLA

Dear Diane,
Boy, do you have that right about the emla cream.  My daughter, Jessy, HAS
to use it in order to do her site change.  However, my endo ahs written to
me that it can be dangerous if left on for more than an hour and if a lot is
used at a time, or every day.  She said it can cause permanent nerve damage
and in some cases, heart trouble.  But with anything these days, if you use
caution, and use it as directed, without overdoing it, it will be fine.  We
are careful, and only use an amount the size of a dime, cover it, and it
rarely stays on Jessy for more than an hour.

> But I believe that it is essential for some, psychologically.  My
> is why cause anxiety every 3 days  when EMLA can be used, if needed.
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