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[IPp] Re: testing in cold weather

> How do skiers handle testing outside in cold
> weather?  I sent Lauren off today with pockets filled with airheads and
> Gu, but no meter.  I doubt she would take the time to come all the way
> back to test everytime she should.  I trust that she'll treat a low while
> skiing if she feels it, but I'd like to know how her blood sugar is doing
> to see how to adjust her basals.  Even just playing outside, sometimes
> she is too far from a warm enough place to test when she needs to.  Any
> suggestions?

       Since moving to BC last winter, we have been skiing regularly as a 
family, as we live very close to a major ski mountain.  The strips can be 
damaged by cold weather, so I keep them in my ski pants pocket.  (I did phone 
Lifescan and ask exactly what temperature they can withstand, but the rep 
wouldn't give a number).  The meter I might also put in my pants pocket if it 
is quite cold, or else in my jacket pocket with the lancing device.  It needs 
to warm up a bit before use.  This is when I am with Claire.  If she goes off 
with her father, who is a much better skier than I am, he takes her stuff and 
I hope for the best!!
       We usually go inside to test.  I have never attempted to have her test 
on the chairlift, as I think some adults do.  I'm sure something would fall.  
I think that last year she tested outside on occasion, if her fingers were 
quite warm inside her mitts it wasn't a problem.  I have found that skiing 
does not send her low, as tobogganing does.  More often she goes high, I 
think it must be something to do with the adrenalin rush from going down 
those hills.  But because our snow was so late this year, we have only been 4 
times so far.  We are not early birds, so its just been for a few hours in 
the afternoon.  I am hoping that this winter, being on Novolog, her skiing 
numbers will be a bit more stable than last season.  
       I hope Lauren has lots of fun in the snow!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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