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[IPp] Re: Ultra Flex infusion sets

> To Cheri McCurdie, 
> Tell me about the flex infusion sets - who makes them.  What are they like 
> (metal or flexible tubing).  What pump do they go with? 
> Curious mom, 
> Colleen in Ontario, Canada

Hi Colleen,
       I'm not Cheri but thought I'd answer this.  The UltraFlex is a set 
marketed by Disetronic.  Unfortunately, they do not sell it in Canada.  I 
don't know if they tried for approval and failed, or whether they just didn't 
bother trying to get approval here.  The last I heard, which was quite some 
time ago, was that they weren't going to try to sell it here.  But perhaps 
that has, or may, change. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8, in BC 
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