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[IPp] Laurie-mom of Ian-frequent bolus?

Since Ian has been pumping so long and is an adolescent, maybe you can give 
us some suggestions on boluses.  My daughter, age 13, is a real grazer when 
it comes to food.  It is very hard to get a true reading on her counts from 
the time school is out for the day and bedtime because she is hungry and 
snacks frequently along with having dinner.  We seldom have 2 hours when she 
hasn't done a bolus for something.  We figure unused insulin and have found 
if she uses her standard 1 unit per 15 carbs the boluses seem to snowball and 
she will go low eventually.  We have started using 20 carbs for 1 unit for 
boluses after about 8 pm so she won't go low at night.  When she takes her 
count and we use the 30 for a correction # and figure unused insulin it just 
never works out and it is never consistent or I would  assume the correction 
figure needs adjusting--any hints based on your experience?

Sherry, mom to Liz, age 13, dx3/01, MM508-5/02
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