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Re: [IPp] Sil Serter


My son started with the quick set.  After only a few weeks, we switched to 
the Sil, and we do use the inserter without difficulty.  Austin is 4 and 
does not complain that there is any pain involved.  I was wondering if most 
parents use the EMLA cream or if it is found to just be more trouble than it 
is worth.

We switched from the quick set because we would lose the sight daily, often 
Austin would just take it out.  We also saw many varying BS.

Stacy, Mom to Austin, Dx. 11/99, pumping 5/02

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>   Does anyone use a sil serter? How do you like the way it works.  Is it
>hard to use? I'd like to have my son try them, but only after I get feed
>back from others who use them and the inserting device.
>    My son uses quick sets with the insertion device, but his numbers 
>seem to be different from one set change to the next.  I have him check the
>cannula when he takes it out  for crimps, but there are none. I'm not 
>that it never crimps, but we have problems when there doesn't seem to be
>anything wrong with the cannula or bubbles in the line.  Sometimes they
>absorb well and other times I have to have him change the set after one day
>or two.  He doesn't have bumps under the skin where he inserts (or 
>for that fact).
>    A friend of mine has a daughter on the comforts, which is Animas' form 
>the sils.  The comforts don't come with an inserter yet. They're working on
>it. Anyway, her numbers don't seem to waver from set change to set change.
>When she had tried the quick sets for a couple months (because she wanted 
>try something with an inserter.  She thought the sil serter was too
>intimidating), they did fine at first, but then she had the same problem.
>When she went back to the comforts, her daughters numbers were fine again.
>      I was wondering if it was the angle that made the absorption more 
>     I just would like to hear from others as to their experience with the
>sils and the sil serter (especially if you were using quick sets before).
>Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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