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Re: [IPp] Sil Serter

My 9 year old daughter uses the silserter.  She likes it and says sometimes
she doesn't even feel the needle going in.  It is pretty forceful, so the
initial time might be a little scary.  We rarely have trouble with site
failures.  Maryann Crawford mom to Kaycee9 dxd 10/00 pumping 10/01
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Subject: [IPp] Sil Serter

>   Does anyone use a sil serter? How do you like the way it works.  Is it
> hard to use? I'd like to have my son try them, but only after I get feed
> back from others who use them and the inserting device.
>    My son uses quick sets with the insertion device, but his numbers
> seem to be different from one set change to the next.  I have him check
> cannula when he takes it out  for crimps, but there are none. I'm not
> that it never crimps, but we have problems when there doesn't seem to be
> anything wrong with the cannula or bubbles in the line.  Sometimes they
> absorb well and other times I have to have him change the set after one
> or two.  He doesn't have bumps under the skin where he inserts (or
> for that fact).
>    A friend of mine has a daughter on the comforts, which is Animas' form
> the sils.  The comforts don't come with an inserter yet. They're working
> it. Anyway, her numbers don't seem to waver from set change to set change.
> When she had tried the quick sets for a couple months (because she wanted
> try something with an inserter.  She thought the sil serter was too
> intimidating), they did fine at first, but then she had the same problem.
> When she went back to the comforts, her daughters numbers were fine again.
>      I was wondering if it was the angle that made the absorption more
>     I just would like to hear from others as to their experience with the
> sils and the sil serter (especially if you were using quick sets before).
> Dianne, Mom to Johnny 10
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