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Re: [IPp] Sil Serter


My six yr old son, Matthew uses the silhouettes with the sil-serter insertion 
device. Other than the somewhat "loud" click that it makes when you push the 
button, my son loves it.  I have manually inserted as well, but find that 
using the sil-serter somewhat guarantees that I get it in at the proper 
30degree angle.  When I pull out the canula to do a site change, there is 
sometimes crimping in it, but I cannot say whether it is from playing around 
or from the way I pulled it off of him.  His numbers are usually good and in 
range and we do a site change every other day. He also never has pump bumps 
and the red marks from where the old site was only last about two days and 
then they are very hard to notice. I apply a triple antibiotic ointment to 
his old sites which is a CVS brand.  
Sarah :)
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