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[IPp] Sil Serter / Celiac screening

We started using the Sils and Sil-Serter right after the insertion
device came out.  Prior to that we used soft-sets and the soft-serter
for about 2 years, and we were not getting sites to last consistently.
Got better results right away with the Sils.  Even better once we
switched to Novolog shortly after that!  The Sil-Serter is a little
intimidating looking, but we are still doing site inserts for my
daughter in her upper backside. (she is 7 1/2 years old now, has no
tummy, although she came back from D camp this summer with a site in her
upper arm!) 

Gen was screened for Celiac for the 1st time last fall.  Our Endo said
it was a good idea due to the fact that she's had Diabetes for over 5
years now.  (actually 6 1/2 yrs.)  I'm not sure how often they are
planning to screen for it, but my Mom has had celiac for about 30+ years
now, so they may be more watchful because of that.

Mom to Genevieve (age 7 1/2, dx'd @ 13 mths, pumping age 4 1/2), and
James (age 11, non-D)
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