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Re: [IPp] How many carbs at meals

 My son is 14 years old ... and he has always had a diet high in carbs,
especially pizza. The doctor wants him to focus on counting and bolusing for ALL
of his carbs, so she doesn't want to limit them. Even the dietician has told us
to be careful about putting limits on what he can and cannot eat, especially now
that he is a full-blown teenager. She said that teenagers who feel that their
diet is "constrained" will rebel and may not bolus for all of the carbs that
they "sneak", leading to higher BGs.

 As background, David often eats more than 300 grams of carbs per day. eats 5-6
times per day, and has grown 3 inches in the last 6 months (since going on the
pump). His A1c numbers are around 7, which isn't bad for a growing adolescent
boy... so we must be doing something right!

Terri Wolfrom

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>From: Melissa Miller <email @ redacted>
>Sent: Feb 28, 2006 1:07 PM
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>Subject: Re: [IPp] How many carbs at meals
 > I think you have to do what is comfortable for both of you. It seemed that
>more I tried to limit his carbs, the more he wanted them. I think that it the
>same with all of us. I do not let him have the high carbs often. Usually it is
>for a birthday meal or something like that. He usually stays within 50 - 100
>carbs depending on what we are having. Chinese and pizza are high even if he
 >chooses not to eat a lot. Alex is very active in sports so he needs extra
>like before practices or games. A lot of it has to do with his activity level
 >and the occasion for which the increased carbs are being taken. Hope this
>  Melissa
>email @ redacted wrote:
>So there are times when you let him have that many carbs? 
>He has asked before when we have been out to eat or at 
>parties if he could have something that would have put him 
>into 150 carb range and I have always said no and found 
>him something with less carbs in it. I just don't know if 
>it was ok or not.
>On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 08:53:23 -0800 (PST)
>Melissa Miller wrote:
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>> I know what you mean about the carbs. When Alex was 
>>first diagnosed he had to
>> have 75 carbs per meal. There were many times that it 
>>was hard to get that many
>> and then there were times when we had to limit what he 
>>ate because it would have
>> exceeded the 75 carbs. When we switched to Lantus, we 
>>were able to decide how
>> many carbs he wanted at a meal. Now that we are on the 
>>pump it is even better.
>> Some meals he has protein and few carbs and may only 
>>bolus for 30 - 40 carbs.
>> Then on other times like when we go to Olive Garden, he 
>>had anywhere from 150 -
>> 200 carbs (he likes the bread sticks and they are 30 a 
>>piece). We finally
>> decided that as long as he was eating healthy and was 
>>eating what he wanted,
>> than it didn't matter how many carbs it was. He 
>>sometimes will eat a meal and
>> only have 50 carbs but then an hour later he will decide 
>>he wants dessert and
>> with the pump, he enjoys having that dessert because 
>>there are no shots to give.
>> Have a great day.
>> Melissa
>> homeschool mom to Matt (21), Jesse (18+), Victoria 
>> and Alex (13) dx'd 3/1/05 pumping minimed 1/20/06
>> wife to Vaughn for 23+ years
>> Lynn Nylander wrote:
>> I was just wondering if anybody tries to stick with a 
>>certain amount of carbs
>> per meal? About how many carbs do your kids eat per 
>>meal? Sometimes I feel my
>> son is eating alot of carbs per meal but then I look at 
>>my non D kids and I
>> feel
>> ok with them eating the same amount of carbs. It isn't 
>>junk either. Take this
>> morning for example. He had Cheerios, with bananna cut 
>>up in it, 3 tsp. sugar
>> with milk and a yogurt. I think it came to like 83 carbs 
>>or something, and I
>> feel like I am doing something bad by giving him so many 
>>carbs. I feel if he
>> has
>> over 75 cabs a meal it is wrong, maybe it comes from 
>>when he was doing shots,
>> But he is not overweight and eats healthy.
>> Thanks
>> Lynn
>> .
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