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RE: [IPp] hello and question re: schools

Hello Catherine,

Thanks for the reassuring words. Findleys teaher has now said that she will
be happy to press the buttons on the pump so thats a real pleasant surprise.

He is wearing it at school today, not connected yet, so we can see how he
finds it. We have got it on a belt around his waist in the leather pouch
provided by the drug company.

We have got pump paks on order from US, there are no suppliers in UK.

You are right about the technical aspect of who presses the deliver insulin
button, hadn't thoufht of it in that way.

Marie, mum to Findley, 4, dx'd 2001

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Hey Marie.  I don't think you need to worry too much about his pump
becoming dislodged.  Emma's had hers at school for 2 years, and she's
never lost a set at school.  They don't come out as often as you might
fear.  We've had maybe 4 or 5 over the years, most from getting dressed
after a bath before the tape dries again, and a couple from the
trampoline here at home.

Perhaps you could "bend the rules" just a bit at school.  As long as
your child presses the last button to actually deliver the insulin, the
teacher won't be "administering insulin".  The Paradigm is set up so you
don't need to know any math or ratios - it does all the calculations for
you, so the teacher will just have to know the carb amounts.  I don't
see why the teacher couldn't shut off any alarms that occur either.
That's not administering insulin.  As long as you have a teacher willing
to work with you, it could be okay.

We don't have a school nurse either, and the administration didn't want
the teacher giving insulin either.  Once I explained that pretty much
everything was programmed into the pump, and the teacher wouldn't be
making any "decisions", they were okay with it.  I always have them do a
meal with a correction so they have to put in her blood sugar, and allow
the pump to adjust for insulin on board.  This is a great safety
feature.  Emma stays really in range at school.

Hope this helps!

Catherine, mom to:
Madeline - 10  Austin  - 9
Emma  - 5  (dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo)
Abigail - 4  Genevieve & Gracie - 2

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Subject: [IPp] hello and question re: schools

Hello, My name is Marie and I have a son Findley who is about to go on a
Paradigm 712. He is 4 and been dx'd for 3 years. We live in England, in
Lincolnshire. I have lots of question s about him going on the pump, my
main concern being how will he manage at school?

The set up here is that his teachers currently test his blood sugars,
they can not administer insulin. There is no school nurse at the school
and it is very difficult to obtain any extra help.

Basically he has to be as autonomous with the pump as possible. It is
all very new to me and I am hoping I can program a high basal rate to
cover his lunchtime, of course that will not allow for high blood sugars
before lunch.

If the pump alarms or becomes dislodged I will have to go to school and
sort it out.

Any advice about anything gratefully received.

Many Thanks.

Marie, mum to Findley, 4, dx'd 2001
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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