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Re: [IPp] hello and question re: schools

In a message dated 2/24/2005 7:04:06 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Basically he has to be as autonomous with the pump as possible. It is  all
very new to me and I am hoping I can program a high basal rate to cover  his
lunchtime, of course that will not allow for high blood sugars before  lunch.

Setting a high basal rate to cover lunch may cause him problems with going  
too low if lunch is delayed for any reason.  If his teacher checks his  blood 
sugar at lunch, would she /he be willing to watch him bolus for a set  amount 
 of carbs? I always give a carb count for each item in my son's lunch, as well
as a total (written on a slip of paper), so that the nurse can  oversee how 
much he is bolusing for.  He is older and can manage totally by  himself, but 
our school system requires lunchtime to be overseen by a  nurse.  This also 
 allows him to adjust his dose according to how hungry he is, he can eliminate
item if he doesn't feel like eating it, and dose himself  accordingly.
If there is absolutely no support, I would go in at lunch time for several  
weeks and let him do his calculations and dosing and see if he can manage on 
 his own without making any drastic mistakes. My son's pump has a setting for a
maximun dose at one time so he cannot really overdose himself, if your son's  
pump has this feature, I would definitely turn it on and set a maximum dose 
 just over the normal maximum amount of carbs he eats at lunch. You could also
 ask your endo's if it would be better for him to bolus after he has eaten 
lunch,  to further eliminate a risk of going low.  You could always correct a  
slight high later, if necessary.  These are just my thoughts, school is  hard 
at any age.  Good luck, the pump will make it much easier for him in  the long 
run.  My son has been pumping a little over a year now.
E-mail me if I can answer any questions more directly for you.
Alida Lyman
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