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Re: [IPp] Glucagon info. for stomache virus

Hi  Mary,

"Subcutaneously" means "under the skin".  That is, you're right, 
exactly the way a regular insulin shot is given.  Technically I suppose 
it could go anywhere under the skin - I suspect the reason we're taught 
to shoot insulin into a fatty area is so that there's room for the 
fluid to move around without causing (much) pain, though there could be 
other reasons also.

Maria, mom to 3-yo Sigrid (dx'd @ 11mos., pumping since 17 mos.), and 
now to 4-wk old Vibeka

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:58:42 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IPp] Glucagon info. for stomache virus

Thank you for posting the link.  The article says to use a regular  
  syringe and to give the glucagon subcutaneously rather than in the 
muscle. So
that means give it the same way we would give an insulin shot,  in a 
area, or is it some other way?

(mom of  Chris, 21, Carrie, 17, guardian of Mike, 17, and mom of Dan, 
13, dx
4-01,  pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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