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[IPp] RE: stomach virus - ketones

Hi Sybil,

We've gone through at least two (and I think three?) episodes where 
Sigrid had some sort of stomach bug and wouldn't eat (with diarrhea, I 
think) -  and as a result she quickly developed high ketones even 
though her blood sugar stayed normal or even on the low side 
("euglycemic ketosis").  For each episode, what we did was  to PUSH 
fluids (there are a LOT of Pedialyte wannabes out there, and very few 
she'll drink, but we couldn't know that until we'd tried every one in 
existence), turn down the basal insulin a bit (but not turning it off), 
and check her blood sugar probably every two hours if not more often, 
and try to get her to eat something - anything, really.  Fortunately 
this was enough to get her through each episode without going to the 
hospital (the endos on call have agreed with us on this strategy - 
actually the first time this happenned it was the endo who suggested 

Ketones are not good but in this instance they don't mean you need to 
go to the hospital right away.  They do mean you need to cancel 
whatever you had planned for the day ( and plan to be up lots in the 
night), to deal with the sick kid.

We have lots of Pedialyte wannabees in our cupboards that Sigrid won't 
drink.  What she seems  to like best is the grape flavor Gerber 
Liquilyte.  Also some of the "pediatric rehydration" popsicles.  She 
has never had any other kind of popsicle so she doesn't know that 
others exist.  She actually sometimes  asks for a popsicle even when 
she's not sick - and this is the only kind in the freezer - so we give 
it to her (if she thinks it's a treat, all the better....)

- Maria, mom to 3 yo Sigrid (dx'd @ 11 mos, pumping w/Cozmo since 17 
mos) and to 4-wk-old Vibeka

On Feb 15, 2005, at 7:33 PM, pop-digest wrote:

> Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 00:17:23 -0600
> From: "Sybil Fisher" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPp] stomach virus - ketones
> I have emailed my endo about this and will call her tomorrow - But how
> worried should I be about my daughter having high ketones during a 
> stomach
> virus????  I took her to ER on Sat. night and she had 6 hours of IV 
> fluids.
> Her blood sugars are under control -- She won't/can't drink much fluid 
> no
> matter what I offer her.  She isn't throwing up or having diarrhea 
> now.  Are
> the high ketones going to hurt her if the blood sugars are not high 
> also?
> Sybil
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