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Re: [IPp] battery on animas 1200

We just replaced the battery in our 1200 for the first
time last week.  It lasted over 4 months!  Anyway, we
didn't get the switching back and forth you describe,
but the "two bar" indicator lasted for a few weeks at
least.  Then when it went to one bar, I called about
whether one needs to disconnect prior to a battery
change and they said that the one bar means that the
battery will last "at least 30 minutes".  I didn't
find that time frame to be very reassuring, so we
disconnected (recommended) and changed right away. 
Just means you really need to have a spare on hand
once you notice the two bars.  Also, not mentioned in
the manual, after you replace the battery and go
through the described "verification" steps, your pump
will say that there is "0 units" left in the
cartridge.  You have to go to the prime/rewind screen
and rewind and load and then it will reset itself.  

Good luck.

--- Karen Piontek <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Since we have had to replace our pump 3 times
> already, we havent used up a
> battery yet.  For the last three weeks the battery
> indicator on the pump has
> been going back and forth from full battery to one
> bar missing.  Every day
> it jumps back and forth from full to 1 bar missing. 
> I called Animas and
> they said it will jump back and forth when it is
> nearing the first empty
> bar.  Has anyone else experienced this with their
> battery.  It doesnt seem
> right to me that it keeps going back and forth for
> such a long period of
> time..Thanks
> Karen
> .
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