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[IPp] IR1200 Upgrade Come to chat

Pumpers and Friends,
    Insulin Pumpers host chats everynight in the Anytime Room at 9pm EST,
come share your day, stories, ask questions about insulin pumps, support
each other. It is a place to learn, laugh, and  smile.

****Animas IR1250 chat with IP on Thursday, Feb. 24th 9pm-10pm EST  with
speakers Sue DiVito and Rick Philbin.****

What's new with the Animas IR 1250 Insulin Pump?

Take the guesswork out of counting carbs with CarbSmart!
Use ezManager Plus software to create your own food database on your pump.
Also, enter up to six insulin to carb ratios for different times of day to
more closely match your changing needs.
Store the nutritional value of up to 500 food items from CalorieKing or
personalize your list with family favorites.
Enter up to nine food items for any one meal. CarbSmart adds the carbs for
the entire meal and computes your bolus dose based on your personal
No more carb counting books or calculators when you use CarbSmart.

Personalization With Your PC
Use your PC to easily program your pump settings and basal rates:
4 Basal Programs: Customize program names for easy recognition.
Personal Information: Add important contact information for quick access.
Sick Day Quick Reference: Enter sick day tips from your healthcare team to
help control your diabetes.
Customize Audio Notification: Compose your own tune or choose from selected
music for most alert sounds.

    You can email your questions to email @ redacted
ahead of time and we can get them to the Guest Speakers. Or --if you
missed it-- you can read the chat transcript in the archives the next day.



> At 7:32 PM -0500 2/19/05, email @ redacted wrote:
>>Does anyone know about the ezAccessb" IR 1200 Upgrade  program?  We just
>>upgraded to the IR1200 from the IR1000 about a month  ago.  I was at the
>>website and they are advertising this new  program.  They ask you to call 
>>information during normal business  hours.  I was wondering if anyone has 
>>Mom to Michael, age 6, pumping since July 2003 and Megan, age 8.
> No one that I know of has done it, but word was that shipping was going to 
> start next week on the IR1250 and I believe that at that time they will 
> start taking orders for the upgrade.  Normal upgrade cost is $259 but they 
> will be doing a special for $199.  This will be an upgraded IR1200 sent to 
> you with the software updates done, an IR dongle and the ezManager Plus 
> program.  I was able to view the new settings available for the update and 
> they are quite extensive.   It looked to be well worth the cost for the 
> upgrade.  The only limitation is that the IR1200 has slightly less memory 
> than the IR1250 and thus will hold 250 menu items rather than the 500 that 
> the IR1250 can.
> George     :>)
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