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Re: [IPp] Dan's ski trip

Glad everything went well Mary, did you worry the entire time??  I know I
did when Stephanie went to outdoor lab in 6th grade..lol

mom to Stephanie, age 13, dx'd at 4
pumping since 8/11/03 (COZMO)
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I just wanted to thank everyone who posted advice for managing Dan's pump
during his first ski trip.  He did great!  We set his basal at 70% and  he
  checked and had a snack every three hours. He had a wonderful time and was
range the whole time!  Thanks also for the heads-up on keeping  the reduced
rate for 24 hours, not just the time he was skiiing.  I'm not  sure I would
have thought of that, and it kept him from going low the next  day.

His only mishap was keeping some of his glucose tabs in his ski pants
  pocket, along with his "poker" and test strip vial. The glucose tube
pocket was wet and the wet glucose got on all his testing  stuff. He used
spare testing set in his backpack.   Lesson learned!

Thanks again to everyone,

(mom of  Chris, 21, Carrie, 17, guardian of Mike, 17, and mom of Dan, 13, dx
4-01,  pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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