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[IPp] CORRECTION - Cozmo BG Range Setting

CORRECTION - Sorry guys. For those who care, I misspoke below. When you get
to the "Review Custom Alerts?" screen, keep it at "NO" and when you click
the forward arrow to go to the next screen, the "Low BG Reminder" and "High
BG Reminder" are the next 2 screens you'll see - They are NOT within the
custom alerts.


On 2/15/05 11:07 PM, "Pam Henry" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Quite a few months ago, there was a discussion about being able to set a
> target BG range in the CoZmanager computer program so that when you print
> logs, low and high values would be highlighted accordingly. Someone asked me
> how to tell the program the desired BG range and I could not, for the life
> of me, figure out how Sarah's program knew what her desired range was.
> Well...I just stumbled upon it by accident!!
> To set target BG range, from the pump's menu, go to Settings / Personalize /
> Alerts...When it asks if you want to view/edit custom alerts, say YES. Flip
> thru and one of the custom alerts is "Low BG reminder." Even if this
> reminder is set to "NO", you can input what a low is for your child (i.e.
> 70). The very next custom alert is "High BG reminder." Again, you can keep
> the reminder at "NO" and still input what you define as a high BG. When you
> move your pump settings from the pump to the CoZmanager program, it uses
> those 2 values to define the desired BG range and uses them on the log.
> Hope all that makes sense and that someone will find the info useful!! For
> me, it's one less little nagging thing to keep my brain spinning in the
> middle of the night (1 down, 999 to go!!!).
> Pam, mom to Sarah, age 8, dx'd 1/03, pumping Cozmo since 3/04
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