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Re: [IPp] Stomach Virus

  After reading all these about kids ending up in the ER with the flu, I'm
going to call our Dr. and see if I can get a script for Stephanie just to
have on hand, we have the suppositories but if this stuff works better I'd
rather use that.  Is anyone else ready for spring??

mom to Stephanie, age 13, dx'd at 4
pumping since 8/11/03 (COZMO)
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I'm sorry to hear about your bad flu experience.  As many listmembers  know,
we went through the same thing a few weeks ago with Dan. Since becoming
  diabetic, he has had the flu three times and has ended up in the ER three
Once his stomach gets upset, he cannot keep a drop of anything  down.

After this last time, we got a prescription for a form of zofran that melts
on the tongue.  We are going to keep it on hand and use it when he gets the
flu, so that hopefully he'll be able to keep some fluids down and not get

Dan did not get low so we were able to keep the pump attached, though I did
have to decrease the basal and he did develop ketones by the time he got to
the  hospital.

If the child can't keep anything down, I don't know how to get rid of the
ketones without an IV with some form of sugar, and the insulin.  The
  sounds like good advice. I'm going to try to find out more about

I know exactly how scary and frustrating this is for you and for  Madison.
hope you'll all be fully recovered soon!

(mom of  Chris, 21, Carrie, 17, guardian of Mike, 17, and mom of Dan, 13, dx
4-01,  pumping Cozmo since 5-03)
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