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Re: [IPp] Stomache Virus

I was trying to think recently about what are the most difficult elements of
managing Grace and the diabetes. Accumulated sleep deprivation is such a
huge factor and it comes into it's own when there is a crisis. I find all
the info I have accumulated just evaporates in foggy brain. It's one of the
times I feel most isolated from the team as they can ask something crass in
their just not getting it. I keep every bit of energy for surviving with
Grace and they look at my notes ( which work for me) and they moan if I
didn't include something they want to know, not vital stuff. I always think
that the only way they could have a notion what I need is if they went
through it and I could never wish this on anyone. A while ago I managed
Grace at home with a stomach bug. Terrified of being parted as a family,
staying at home is big for us. Small ketones but low, despite everything
that went in, came up again. I rang to "consult" with the Consultant. he
immediately said to admit her. It struck me that he had absolutely no idea
what I had been through or what it would mean and the idea of "consulting"
with me her primary carer never entered his head...cos I am only a parent.
In fact, I kept her home and watched her like a hawk. It was fine. For me it
is about trusting myself as an expert in Grace's life and also trusting that
at crisis I am firstly her Mum and care in a way no other expert would begin
to feel and will feel an exhaustion that is fuelled by concern that just
doesn't factor in their lives or job.
Hope the dust settles soon for you
All the best
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping 5mths and Brian 9yrs
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Subject: [IPp] Stomache Virus

> Barbara - (and others)
>  Comforting to hear from you.  I'm up researching.  Now I'm rather scared.
> didn't call Dr. Sunday or today --guess I should have - Madison's ketones
> still high!!!!!
> They didn't want to send her "upstairs" at the hospital because there were
> many BAD ILLNESSES in the hospital.  The ER Doc said to call my Dr. later
> day.  But I was so exhausted (up all night at ER- and myself and husband
and 2
> other kids have been ill with this)  and felt I'd done all I could do so I
> didn't call Dr. either Sun. or today. I did email her and no reply yet.
> They didn't put glucose/dextrose in the IV-  the ER doctor wasn't
> knowledgeable about diabetes.  And my dr. didn't come - we left ER at
> and she wasn't coming to hospital for rounds  till 9:30am.  Maybe I'm
> expecting too much but couldn't she call ME about it???? She had returned
> call the night before  - when she said to go to ER - and apologized
> that the dr. on call earlier hadn't returned my call sooner.
> I ask Madison to drink and let her eat anything to bring b.s. up.  But
> had to take her pump off for several hours to keep her from getting low.
> JUST TOO LENIENT A MOM!!! ??  My husband says I am.  We would have to
> her to drink and eat and I know she doesn't feel like it - neither does my
> yr. old who has had this- and my stomach is queazy.  She is kinda scared
> drink I think because she threw up so much that night.
> Sigh.  I hope this turns out ok.  Thanks to everyone for comments and
> I guess my best answer is to try to get her high enough to bolus her down
> get the ketones down??  That low dose glucagon sure sounds good right now.
> Sybil
> .
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