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[IPp] Andrea's lunch situation - a suggestion

 I know you've received lots of great advice on your original question of
whether Andrea's old enough to manage her pump or not. I'd like to offer my 2
cents on your P.S. about Andrea's lunch dilema and her having to eat the whole
thing (cringe!). For the past 7 years I have worked as the secretary of my
daughter's school (small, private) where two other girls also have diabetes.
Their mothers and I came up with a plan that has worked well for years. The
girls do a blood check before they eat, then give the pump's suggested
correction (if needed). Perhaps her teacher or someone in the office could
oversee this. Then, each day, each mom includes in our girl's lunch bag a note.
This note is a list of each item in the lunch bag and the carbos of each item.
When each girl is full, she comes right to my office (before she goes outside
for recess) and we figure the total lunch bolus for the items she ate. I circle
the items eaten, total up the carbos, and help each girl ad!
  minister the bolus. I write on the note when she got her bolus, then the note
goes back into the lunch bag for each mom to review at home that afternoon. We
were all in agreement that one of the advantages of the pump is not HAVING to
eat if one does not want to. I feel this is important and hope you receive this
suggestion with the best of intentions.
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 14, dx'd 9/97; Celiac 11/02
Pumping since 8/99 (first w/MM507c, now w/Cozmo)
 PS - My current thought for the lunch situation is to pack her a lunchevery day
and write the total carbs on the bag. I would then have herpass by the office on
her way to lunch where she could test and bolusfor her food (showing the pump to
an adult to confirm). Then, shejust needs to be sure to finish her whole lunch
(which is also therule at home) before she heads out to play. I could even have
a lunchroom person confirm that she finishes her food, at least at first. Doyou
think this would work???- -- Mama to *Andrea 5.5, Alicia 3.5, Carlos 1.5,
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