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Re: [IPp] High Numbers after breakfast

Just a thought is that Grace shoots high on porridge. It sends her off the
map despite being a recommended low gylcemic food. Grace used to spike with
the cereals suggested by the hospital too. But since we started pumping I
went for higher glycemic foods initially as I figured it would be more
predictable with ratios. Grace has Gluten free so she had muffins and even
GF biscuits and numbers panned out nicely. I find we get into more grief
bolusing for lower foods. I have been so happy to get the pump that I have
allowed Grace eat most of what she wants to begin finding our way back. To
my suprise her A1c is 6.1% as these foods that I would have thought of as
taboo work well with fast acting. Grace eats a lot of fruit salads too for
breaky and can go up but comes down quickly and needs less insulin per carb.
Best of luck
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 120.03 and pumping 5 mths.
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> In a message dated 2/12/2005 8:10:43 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> He does  however  eat about 80 carbs at breakfast, this is the most carbs
> one sitting all day. Then his body just crashes a few hours later and
> times goes low or feels lousy since his numbers start to drop fairly
> between 10 am to 11 am.
> every food reacts differently with the body--as you have found out by
>  now..lol I would just play around with things he likes and see what works
> him
> in terms of insulin...it sounds like the food is digested before the
> has finished and that is causing him to drop. are you using H or  Novalog?
> that might make a difference if you are seeing this spike and fall at
>  times in the day also. I don't subtract fiber, but I have heard that some
> people
> do when counting carbs-especially when you have a significant amount in
> meal..maybe bolusing before he eats (to get a jump on the spike) and
>  recalculating the carbs will make a difference? maybe he is very active
> school and
> that is lowering his BG? it's all a balancing game, trial and  error..
> Amy,  mommy to Alex--7yrs old dx'd 2-20-04
> ~pumping w/animas 1200 since  5-3-04
> .
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