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Re: [IPp] Is she old enough to operate the pump?

 Zoey has been doing her own bolusing (we check it), and corrections since
summer. She will be 5 this month. She never plays with it, and will NEVER
deliver a bolus unless we make sure it is correct. At pre-school I write carbs
down for snacktime, and the teachers check her figures. She hasn't made a
mistake, and loves to see what numbers she has to enter. She is the most
advanced child in school when it comes to numbers....they are still learning
simple numbers, and she already understands fractions of a unit. It's amazing.
Good luck!

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Hello experts,
I am wondering at what age you encourage your child to start operating
his/her own pump. Next year, Andrea (almost 6) will go to school all
day (eating lunch there, etc.). There is no on-site nurse, and the
school is really only supposed to make sure Andrea is doing things
correctly as opposed to administering insulin. (We are working on
getting that changed - as that is ridiculous! - but that is for
another thread.)

So I am hoping Andrea can be more independent with her pump by next
fall. She is already very competent at testing her own BG. As of
this week, Andrea has started entering her own carbs and BG levels
into the pump, and then showing me or another adult the pump before
she hits deliver to make sure she has entered things correctly.

I do worry a little bit about her "playing" with her pump and doing
things on her own, although she seems to understand the importance of
not doing this.

Thoughts? Suggestions? TIA


PS - My current thought for the lunch situation is to pack her a lunch
every day and write the total carbs on the bag. I would then have her
pass by the office on her way to lunch where she could test and bolus
for her food (showing the pump to an adult to confirm). Then, she
just needs to be sure to finish her whole lunch (which is also the
rule at home) before she heads out to play. I could even have a lunch
room person confirm that she finishes her food, at least at first. Do
you think this would work???

Mama to *Andrea 5.5, Alicia 3.5, Carlos 1.5, 
and anxiously awaiting child #4 end of March 2005
Happily married to Tom for over 8 fabulous years and counting
Salt Lake City, UT
*dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03 - diluted H - currently U50
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