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[IPp] Stomach Virus

 I have 2 of my 5 kids who have diabetes -for about 5 years each and on 
pumps about 3 years.  Learned something new - my 6 year old (on the pump) 
along with 4 other family members had a virus Friday evening and we all were 
throwing up and had diarrhea.  On Sat. she still couldn't keep even water 
down and her ketones were large.  Whenever my diabetic kids have had ketones 
before I just increased insulin and tried to get them to drink some and the 
ketones went down.  Well, Madison wasn't eating anything but I kept her pump 
attached and bolused some.  She got too low and we could hardly get her up 
at all because of the virus - The Doctor said to take her to ER for fluids. 
Which I did at Sat Midnight.  She was on IV for 2 1/2 hours and sipped some 
water and threw that up.  So they put a sedative - Zophran - I think in the 
IV and by 7:30 am she was able to eat 2 peanut butter crackers and sip some 
water and keep it down , so we got to go home.   I have had to leave her 
pump off to keep her from getting too low even though I put a new pattern 
with lower basals on her.  At 2 am she was 163 so I reattached her pump (.2 
nighttime bolus) This morning she was 23!!!  Sigh. Ketones still large.  I 
guess she will just have the ketones until she gets more well and can drink 
more???   I did give her a compozine suppository on Sat. night before I took 
her into the hospital.  It did make her sleepy, but it didn't stop the 
nausea.  Thankfully she was tired and relaxed enough that putting the IV in 
wasn't a struggle.  IV's are the thing I most dread about my kids (or 
myself) going to the hospital!
Sybil Fisher, Tyler, Texas 
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