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[IPp] symptoms of a fast drop

Hello All - 
This is a weird question... 
My daughter, Ailsa, is 19 months old and not enough of
a talker yet to really communicate how she feels
beyond crying vs smiling.  As a mom, I do see subtle
differences between tired/frustrated/maybe low sugars
but it's still a big guessing game a lot of the time. 

So, I'm wondering how kids feel when their numbers
drop fast.  For example, we go to a toddler music
class at our church and she likes to run around and
bang on the "instruments", but after about 15 minutes
of this, she starts to get more and more
crabby/clingy.  Today, before class, she was 198
(barely in target range) and 25 minutes into class she
was 100 - so she dropped 100 points in about 20
minutes, mostly due to the activity level I suppose. 
Should I assume that the crabbiness is at all related
to this kind of drop or is this all
personality/behavior that is not related to diabetes?

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks - Octavia, mom to Ailsa, 19 months, pumping
since 9/04

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