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Re: [IPp] Is she old enough to operate the pump?

Hi, Grace is 5yrs and I usually go to the school for break but on the days I
miss, or at home ( especially in the car when I'm driving) Grace does it
herself and only once made a mistake when doing it for teacher and getting
so excited and she did it again to be sure! Actually it was good for her to
feel the fuss that ensued and to see that careful handling was crucial.
Grace has never played with it ,but it's hard to get pumps here and I have
her warned that any messing and they might insist on taking it back or her
greatest fear is a crisis and having to go to hospital. On Friday she was
given an unexpected lolly in school. I asked her what happened and she said
that after checking to see that she wasn't high she had bolused a unit ( it
was a big lollypop) and it was fine. Chuffed that  the teacher was starting
to grasp it so well. I commented that teacher did very well. Grace said no
one was looking Mammy. I wanted to have the lollypop when everyone else was
eating theirs so I looked after it myself. I was very surprised, relieved
and disconcerted!
I have taken to giving Grace yummy lunches as sometimes she left food if it
was time for the yard and teacher didn't know different. If it is fav foods
she has never left it! I write it on the bag and I find the carb stickers
from type1tools.com are very clear for helpers too.
I hear your fear but I figure that unless a pump is locked then we have to
find ways to create a responsible sense in our kids re the pump as none of
us can be sure that messing by friends or self mightn't become attractive to
fill a boring moment!
Best of luck
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 and pumping 5mths
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Sent: 13 February 2005 16:12
Subject: [IPp] Is she old enough to operate the pump?

> Hello experts,
> I am wondering at what age you encourage your child to start operating
> his/her own pump.  Next year, Andrea (almost 6) will go to school all
> day (eating lunch there, etc.).  There is no on-site nurse, and the
> school is really only supposed to make sure Andrea is doing things
> correctly as opposed to administering insulin.  (We are working on
> getting that changed - as that is ridiculous! - but that is for
> another thread.)
> So I am hoping Andrea can be more independent with her pump by next
> fall.  She is already very competent at testing her own BG.  As of
> this week, Andrea has started entering her own carbs and BG levels
> into the pump, and then showing me or another adult the pump before
> she hits deliver to make sure she has entered things correctly.
> I do worry a little bit about her "playing" with her pump and doing
> things on her own, although she seems to understand the importance of
> not doing this.
> Thoughts?  Suggestions?  TIA
> -Natalie
> PS - My current thought for the lunch situation is to pack her a lunch
> every day and write the total carbs on the bag.  I would then have her
> pass by the office on her way to lunch where she could test and bolus
> for her food (showing the pump to an adult to confirm).  Then, she
> just needs to be sure to finish her whole lunch (which is also the
> rule at home) before she heads out to play.  I could even have a lunch
> room person confirm that she finishes her food, at least at first.  Do
> you think this would work???
> --
> Mama to *Andrea 5.5, Alicia 3.5, Carlos 1.5,
> and anxiously awaiting child #4 end of March 2005
> Happily married to Tom for over 8 fabulous years and counting
> Salt Lake City, UT
> *dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03 - diluted H - currently U50
> .
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