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Re: [IPp] Options for Treating Lows

The USA "Smarties" are called Rockets in Canada.  I also use these for
Claire's lows, came up with that one on my own, but later discovered that USA
parents as well used them.  Smarties in Canada are the chocolate candies,
similar to the M&Ms.  But the chocolate Smarties have gluten, so celiacs
cannot eat them.  M&Ms are gluten free.

Rockets/Smarties  are good because they are dextrose, which is very fast
acting.  Plus they are cheap and plentiful.  At Claire's school, all four
playground supervisors have them stashed in their fanny packs, they are in
Claire's desk, in her jacket pockets, in the teacher's kit, etc.  I really
like the 7 gram serving size, as it is just right for a mild low.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 10

<<Thanks Maorgan,
No .. Thats not what smarties are in Australia.
Couldn't work out why you'd be giving chocolate for Hypos ...
We tend to use Jelly Beans here.
Warm Regards,
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