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Re: [IPp] 504 and school questions

I came across an article in Diabetes in control:  High blood sugar, as 
well as low , slows the mind. Here is the location:  

If this does not work, email me personallly.

Lynn wrote:

> My son is 10 and in 5th grade. I do have a 504 for him but have been 
> having some problems with his teacher lately. I don't think his 
> teacher understands some aspects of diabetes. The other day she came 
> to me (I work in the school also) with an assignment he was supposed 
> to do. It really was an easy assignment but she had him do it over 2 
> times and he still did not get it right. So at the end of the day she 
> brought it to me and said he needed to get it done. I had him sit at a 
> desk in my room and he got it done. He knew what to do, so it wasn't 
> that but his blood sugars were high (276) that morning and I was 
> thinking maybe it was interfering with his concentration.  Another day 
> he comes into my room during recess and has an pre-test he needs to 
> finish. He had most to it done but didn't understand a math section. 
> He said she explained it that morning and he had asked her later what 
> to do and she said he should have listened that morning. He was in 
> tears because he didn't know how to do it. Well I looked and his blood 
> sugar was high that morning.
> I don't want to enable my son to not do his work but can high blood 
> sugars effect work or ability to concentrate this much? I do have 
> meeting with his teacher about this on Tuesday and want to come 
> prepared. Does anyone who has a 504 plan have anything in it about 
> splicing work on certain occasions? Or any one go through something 
> similar? Also does anybody know of any books or websites that would 
> have more info on this for me?
> Thanks
> Lynn
> Mom of Joseph(13), Austin (10)pumping since 10-04, Devin (8) and 
> Zoe(10 months) ----------------------------------------------------------
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