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Re: [IPp] Emla (LMX, EllaMax)

In a message dated 2/9/2005 5:34:55 AM Pacific Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

I tried  to fill a prescription for Emla cream, known now as LMX, and my
pharmacist  told me that it's now over-the-counter (and $50.)  Have any of
you  been able to get it paid for by your prescription plan?  The  pharmacist
also said that there is a generic available by prescription, but  my endo's
office wasn't aware of it.

there are several different types of this medication. each one is a  tiny bit 
different (like LMX works faster than emla) you would have to check  with 
 your insurance to see which they cover. emla is available over the counter, but
that may not make a difference to your ins...claritan is OTC but my ins  still 
covers it if I have a script. we use LMX5 (which is 5% lidocaine) and it  is 
covered by our ins. my endo's office didn't know there was a differnece  
 between emla or elamax or LMX either, I had to specifically request LMX and
them re-write a script twice to get it right
Amy,  mommy to Alex--7yrs old dx'd 2-20-04
~pumping w/animas 1200 since  5-3-04
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