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Re: [IPp] Emla (LMX, EllaMax)

     EMLA (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine 2.5%) is a  prescription drug and yes, 
there is a generic available now. However, the  L.M.X.-4 (lidocaine 4%), which 
used to be called Ela-Max, has always been  over-the-counter. You usually will 
have to ask your pharmacist to special order  it for you. I usually order a 
5gm tube (NDC#0496-0882-08) which will last me for  several months. Only apply 
an amount about the size of a pencil eraser and cover  with Tegaderm or 
 IV-3000. I cut an IV-3000 in quarters and use one of the quarter pieces to
the L.M.X-4. An advantage to L.M.X.-4 is you only have  to leave it on for 30 
minutes verses 1 hour with EMLA. Unfortunately, your  pharmacist gave you some 
incorrect information. EMLA is not the same as L.M.X.-4  and are not 
 interchangeable when filling a prescription. Also, the $50 price for a tube of
is for a 30gm tube. You can order a 15gm tube from  drugstore.com for about 
$24. This would last a long time if you use only the  amount needed. Ask you 
 pharmacist the price for a 5gm tube and I'm sure it will be even cheaper. Hope
this helps.
Deborah (RPh, Mom to David, 8yrs old, dxd 6/98, pumping Animas IR  1200)
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