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Re: [IPp] Questions - soon to be pumping

Hi - My daughter Ailsa started pumping at 14 months
(end of sept 04).  I'll try to give you my take on
some of your questions...

We have the Animas 1200 also and keep it in a pump-pak
from pumpwear (web site) 24 hours a day.  She bathes
with it (at bit tricky, but easier than disconnecting
every night) and even has a special "splash pak" for
swim class at the YMCA!  We loop up the extra tubing
and make a little lasso out of first aid tape - ask
the nurse at your endo office to show you this nursing
trick.  The tape and the tubing all gets stuffed into
the pack with the pump.  We also have the pump in the
locked setting all the time, just to be safe.  Really,
she rarely messes with it.  We found she was much more
willing to wear a pack around her waist than have
something under her shirt on her back.  Try a pack,
even empty - you will be surprised - and it's easier
to get to when she's asleep.

We started off using the Tender-mini's but we had a
lot of problems with diaper elastic rubbing on the
portion of the catheter that tunnels under the skin,
so we're switching to insets.  We place them in her
hip/butt area and on the upper thighs.  We start with
emla cream under a tegaderm for an hour or so and then
place the infusion set in with a little IV prep for
stickiness.  We cover the whole thing with a tegaderm
- this is expecially good for us to limit contact with
poopy diaper messes.  We change sites every 2 days. 
She does get a bit annoyed at the site when she
notices it in the bath, but as long as it is under a
diaper or clothing, she doesn't seem to care.

Re:  long acting and basal rates, all I can say is
that our CDE came up with the starting numbers for us
and we ramped up to a higher basal over a couple of
days.  We're still working on nights - We co-sleep and
night nurse, so it's been complicated... I'll keep you
posted if anything clicks for us!

Re:  carb counting for tiny toddler portions... we
bought a scale and a bunch of measuring cups -
especially the 1/4 cup measure and just did a lot of
"eyeballing" - in addition, breastfeeding is a total
mystery in terms of carbs, so I just started with 0.1
boluses for long nursing sessions and adjusted as

Before the pump we were on ultralente and humalog and
our numbers went from 30 to 400 multiple times a day. 
Her first A1c after diagnosis was 7.6 - great...
except that she was waking up in the 300's everyday,
so we knew that just reflected too many low lows.  So,
our first post-pump A1c was 8.6 - really great,
because it truly reflected a more stable reasonable
sugar (her goal for this age is 100-200).  Anyway,
just wanted to share how the pump affected the numbers
on such a small kid.

Okay - Hope this long response was helpful.  Great to
have another tiny pumper on the list!

Octavia, mom to Ailsa, 19 months, dx'd 6/04, pumping
since 9/04

--- Jeff and Colleen <email @ redacted>

> Hello,
> Our son Will is scheduled to start pumping next
> Wednesday, and we have some
> questions.  Will just turned 13 mos, so I'd
> especially like to hear from
> parents who had their kids on pumps as babies.
> -How do you prevent a little one from unscrewing the
> cartridge cap?  We're
> going to try a cover, I think, but I haven't seen
> how much bigger they make
> the pump.  We're getting the IR1200.
> -Do you remember approximately what percentage of
> your child's long acting
> was used as your starting basal?  I remember my
> starting basal being way too
> high.  Will's getting 3 1/2 u of Lantus at night.
> -How do you guys count carbs in teeny tiny
> quantities?  We've tried weighing
> things, but we're estimating 2 g of carb from a
> couple of bites of banana, 3
> g of carb worth of a cheese sandwich, things like
> that.  The margin of error
> is pretty big.
> -What sets have you found work well?  I think we're
> starting with insets.
> Will's 25th percentile for weight, so I'm worried
> about the cannula being in
> too deep.  When I was wearing quicksets, I had a
> problem with them kinking.
> And occassionally I'll insert the cannula too close
> to muscle, and it hurt a
> lot when I moved.  Is there any way to tell if this
> is happening to a baby?
> -Any good tips for treating lows at night? 
> Unfortunately, we've had several
> in the past week.  Cake mate works great, actually,
> but at $1.70 a dose,
> it's a little pricey.
> -Anyone from south Jersey?  We're looking for a
> pediatric endo.  Dr. Xu was
> recommended to us.
> -Tips on what clothes work well?  I bought a few
> onesies from PumpWear Inc,
> but at $20+ each, I can't afford too many.  Have any
> of you made your own?
> Well, that's all I can think of for now.  Thank you
> so much.
> Colleen
> Type 1 since 1974, pumping since 1999
> Mom to Will, 12 mos, diagnosed last week, soon to be
> pumping an IR1200
> Colleen
> Type 1 since 1974, pumping since 1999
> Mom to Will, 12 mos, diagnosed last week, soon to be
> pumping an IR1200
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