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[IPp] Dan's overnight ski trip

 I feel like I'm echoing what everyone has already told you, but here's my 2
cents. Katie loves to ski! She and her dad can take the entire day to ski. Can't
say she's never had any problems, just that she has learned how to deal with
them. Here's a few tips she'd like to pass on to you and Dan:
 We make sure Katie's basal is set at 50% for 24 hours, starting a few hours
before she begins to ski. Lots of activity can make her run low HOURS after
she's done moving. If she tests high, we can always correct.
 Katie carries a few tiny boxes of Nerds in her coat pocket for lows on the
hill. They're light weight and don't get hard to chew like gummies do when
they're cold. Smarties or glucose tabs would be the same, I think.
 As mentioned earlier, I wouldn't worry about testing every hour. Maybe each
time he comes in, whether he's cold or hungry, etc. Katie can tell when she
feels low. She doesn't need to test before eating a box or two of Nerds when
she's on the mountain. Maybe Dan will be able to do that also.
 Lastly, make sure his pump stays warm. We cut a small hole on the inside of her
zipping snowpants pocket so Katie can thread her tubing through to her
insertion. That way her pump stays warm without the fear of it falling out of
her pocket. Would not want to search for a pump on a snowy mountain...no, thank
 And Mary, thanks for letting Dan go. Sometimes it's hard for us parents to let
them grow up and away and be responsible, yet that's just what our job is all
about, isn't it?
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 14, dx'd 9/97; Celiac 11/02
Pumping since 8/99 (first w/MM507c, now w/Cozmo)
 I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do with basal rates
(which for Dan are usually .95/hr at night vs. 1.65 u/hr during the day),
whatprecautions we should take dealing with the pump outside in the cold for a
long period, etc. I am going to try to make him test every 90 minutes. He will
probably be on a bus for three hours on the way there and on the way back,with
basically no activity, plus of course there is the time in line waiting for lift
tickets etc so it won't be nonstop activity--more like long periods of
inactivity followed by long periods of lots of activity.Any tips would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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