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Re: [IPp] high sugars during a cold

In a message dated 2/5/2005 8:53:15 AM Pacific Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

How long  after an illness should this last?  Will her
basal drop back down  again or is this it until the
next growth spurt/increase?  We're  changing sites
every 2 days - should we increase to daily changes
while  she's sick?  (i hope not!)

it may drop back down (it has with Alex in the past) but it may not  either, 
I have heard others say that the cold pushed their kids out of the  honeymoon. 
right now Alex is still honeymooning, after a year, because his TDD  is 
 8-10u...but he has a cold right now and his sugars are out of sight. I know the
sites are working I just have to be aggressive with insulin  increases...right 
now he is up 70% with his basals and his TDD for the last few  days has been 
20u!! it's scary making those changes, but you just have to watch  closely for 
 the end to see if she'll need a reduction in insulin when the cold has run its
course. I would not be doing daily site changes, as long as you know  the 
sites are good.
Amy,  mommy to Alex--7yrs old dx'd 2-20-04
~pumping w/animas 1200 since  5-3-04
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