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Re: [IPp] Ski-all-night youth trip coming up--advice?

> I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do with basal
> rates  
>  (which for Dan are usually .95/hr at night vs. 1.65 u/hr during the
>  day), what
> precautions we should take dealing with the pump outside in the cold for
> a long  period, etc.  
As long as the pump AND tubing are under his ski clothes and his meter 
is in a pocket, there should be no problem. Lily is an avid snowboarder 
and that is all she does and has never had a problem with anything 
except her fingers getting so cold that no blood will come out for a 
test. Since lift opening to lunch is only ~3 hour and likewise after 
lunch to close is similar, you might lighten up on the test 
requirements and leave it to him. When Lily expends a lot of energy 
(sports tournaments, not snowboarding), she will turn her basals down a 
tenth or two. That might be a consideration for your son as well.

> I am going to try to make him test every 90
> minutes.  He  
>  will probably be on a bus for three hours on the way there and on the
>  way back,
> with basically no activity, 

Lily tends to get high durning these times, and will bolus down.

You son will have to check more often during the ride.

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