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[IPp] standardized tests (long)

Hi everyone,
Jeremy goes to private school, and they start their standardized testing the 
week of 3/10.  We do not have a 504, due to the private school issue, and 
our school has been wonderful all year dealing with Jeremy's pump, 
classroom/anywhere testing, snacking, etc.

Sooo...we have told his teacher and VPrincipal that we want him to test at 
9am, which is before the testing starts.  We are opting to have him treat 
his high or low (he's usually in range when he tests at his usual 9:30 time) 
before the test and take the test with the class.  Jeremy seems to feel like 
he can handle things, with just treating and moving on.  They said that they 
cannot allow him extra time on the day of the test (say, 15-20 minutes) to 
treat a low, sit and wait for b.g. to rise, and then let him have an extra 
15-20 minutes on the test with the other kids waiting for him to finish.  

They do have an untimed option, but we are being encouraged to have Jeremy 
take the test timed.  They have a make-up day, in case he feels really bad 
and can't take the test, but he will not want to be singled out for that 
(although they could accomodate anything we need in that case, since it 
would be just a few kids).

We are just confused about how to handle this.  We look forward to your 
input.  We may post this to other lists, also, so I'll aplogize now for any 
redundancy if you hang out on those lists, too.

mom to Jeremy, 3rd grade, pumping 6/02

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