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Re: [IPp] How is the Deltec Cozmo working

> Justin is a 2 year old toddler that started pumping in late October.
> We have not been able to get his night time basal to work. 0.1 is to
> low and b/s start to go up, while 0.2 is to much and b/s start to
> drop. We have tried alternating 0.1 and 0.2 and that doesn't work
> either so I am up checking b/s all night long.  In the day time hour
> 0.1 basel is also to much and Justin cannot go to long without
> eating. Just need a pump with a lower 0.05 basal rate to fine tune
> Justin's Blood sugar control. My Endo decided we should change pump
> and wants me to get the Deltec Cozmo.  Is anyone using the Cozmo, if
> so who do you like it?

Couple of things.

There is nothing wrong with running a basal of 0.0 u/hr. When Lily 
was first dx'd, this was the norm for her for 5 hrs a day for many 
months. Likewise, at night, we found that allowing her bg's to rise 
25-50 points during the night was good insurance against a night time 
low and did not impact her control.

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