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[IPp] pumpin' toddler attire (etc.)

Hi all,

Our daughter should be getting a pump next month.  She's sixteen months 
old.  Our question is - what is the proper attire for a pumpin' toddler 
at daycare?  Our first thought was to have her wear separates all the 
time, with the pump in a little fanny pack under her tummy (with a 
fastener on the pack that she can't open - e.g. snaps or buttons).  
This would make pump access easier (for us).  Our daycare provider 
recommended however that she should always wear overalls, or bodysuits, 
over the pump, mainly to keep the other kids from playing with it.   
There are two younger babies with her every day, and some older 
children (3 to 5 yo) drop in occasionally.  They snuggle up together a 
lot, so they will notice her pump by feel.   P.S. -  We have a 
suspicion that wearing the pump backpack-style would drive her crazy 
(she usually sleeps on her back now).

Any recommendations from anyone who's been there, done that?

Any other general hints on toddler-specific pump issues?  Sigrid is now 
at the point that she seems to understand most of what we say, but 
we're not sure that we can quite reason with her yet (e.g. - you can't 
play with the pump, because if you do, we'll go back to giving you four 
shots every day).  So there may be some issues there as well.  
Tragically, there is little in life that excites her as much as a 
cordless phone (which seems, to us, too dang much like a pump).  We've 
ordered a Cozmo which has childproofing "locks" on both the keypad and 
the tubing connection, but there are other ways she could sabotage her 
pump.....how do we convince her that she has no interest in doing so?

David and Maria
dad & mom to Sigrid (dx'd @ 11 mos; 16 mos. now; should be pumping next 
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