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RE: [IPp] OT UltraSmart

 You can order one right now on Diabetic Express and a couple of others. Mine
should be here tomorrow. I don't know about the local drug stores. Some do have
them in stock, others do not.


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At 04:00 PM 2/25/03 -0600, you wrote:
>We were just wondering if anyone has bought the One Touch UltraSmart 
>yet.  I saw on the Lifescan website that it's available to buy online. I 
>have not yet checked locally to see if stores are stocking them now.  I 
>read scanned the instruction manual online and it looks really cool!
>Just wondering what your opinion is of it, if you have used it yet.
>mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02

Allison, it's not released for sale yet.  It should be out sometime in March.

(waiting for mine to come)
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