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[IPp] School Pump Training

 Our Animas rep & I were supposed to train Cole's school today but her car was
vandalized & everything was stolen last night. Gotta love Phoenix!! So, I am on
my own today... here is a little sheet I wrote up to hand out. Of course this is
very basic but can you guys think of anything else I should add? Any important
points I should talk about?
Insulin Pump Guidelines For Cole Neufeld

   Check blood glucose (sugar) 
  If below 80, give 15 carbs (carbohydrates) of juice and retest in 15 minutes
      If above 180, call Rachel to determine bolus (insulin)

  Determine what snack/meal will be given, count carbs, and call Rachel with the
amount of food that has been eaten to determine the bolus.
 Alarms: If the pump starts beeping/alarming, look to see what the screen says,
press enter & call Rachel. If I do not answer my phone for some reason, call the
number on the back of the pump ASAP: 877-937-7867.

 Unlocking & Locking: Locking the pump prevents any insulin being delivered or
anything else happening to the pump if someone were to push the buttons. To
unlock the pump, press the up & down keys at the same time until you see the
screen "wake up". ALWAYS BE SURE TO LOCK THE PUMP AFTER A BOLUS!!! To lock the
pump, make sure the pump is "asleep" (nothing is on the screen) & press the up &
down keys until the pump wakes up with the words -LOCKED-on the screen.

 Bolus: To bolus (give insulin) to Cole, unlock the pump & press enter. It will
bring you to a menu driven screen with the word bolus highlighted. Press enter
again & it will pull up a screen that has 0.0 on it. Scroll up to the amount of
insulin you want to give (.8, 2.4, 1.6, etc...), press enter once & go will be
THIS TIME!! Press enter again & you will hear the pump beep twice. The first
beep means the insulin is starting to be given & the last beep means it is done.
Wait for the pump to go to sleep & LOCK IT!

Important Phone Numbers

Thanks so much, 


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