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Re: [IPp] Re: Too many blood tests


Yes, you have it exactly right!

If we had your situation at Paul's school, I would have certainly wanted him 
to go to the nurse for tests and boluses during those snack times -- at least 
when we first started the pump.

However, as you fine-tune Nicole's basals and boluses and you, Nicole and the 
nurse become more familiar with the pump, she MIGHT be able to simply bolus 
for the snack in the classroom without going to the nurse or, if you feel 
Nicole is prepared for it or a teacher or teacher's aide is willing to help, 
you might want to push to have her test and bolus for the snack in the 

Good luck!

Janice, proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 9 and pumping since age 6
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