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Re: [IPp] Re: Too many blood tests

 Nicole has a snack along with her classmates in the am and another at 3:30 when
she goes into the aftercare program. I haven't had training on the pump yet, by
my understanding is that these snacks would need a bolus to cover them. If she
chooses not to eat one of them, this won't create a problem, but if she does eat
either of them she would need the nurse to administer the bolus. Is that a
correct assumption? Thanks. Karan
 email @ redacted wrote:Karan,

Are you talking about snacks incorporated into everyone's school day or 
snacks your daughter needs? With the pump, there is no long-acting insulin so 
there is no need for snacks to cover the peaks of long-acting insulin. At 
Paul's school, there are no snacks incorporated into the day so he just goes 
without snacks with no problem. I hope that answers your question.

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