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Re: [IPp] Pumps in School

Hi Coreen,
My son Jayson is 6 today and he started pumping 2 weeks before kindergarten 
started. I was a nervous wreck because I was still learning how it works. 
But we have had no problems at all at school. We did have a visiting nurse 2 
- 3 days a week but she decided Jayson was too much for the health room 
attendant with all the other kids she has to deal with, so they hired a 
nurse to be at school just for him every day. At home I do not touch his 
pump, he does all boluses. They won't let him do that at school though, the 
nurse does. She even went on a field trip with him. They do call me at work 
quite a bit but that is fine with me. I pack his lunch and write down the 
carbs for each item, then he takes what is left to the clinic and they 
figure out his total carbs and his bolus, then he goes on his merry way. My 
biggest thing was class room testing. I did not want him missing class time, 
so the nurse goes to him to check his bs. If they find him high or low they 
will take him to the clinic to deal with it instead of disruppting the whole 
class. But I have found being on the pump instead of shots I am alot more 
relaxed when he is not with me.
   Hope you have no  problems. But just remember, they HAVE to give you 
"reasonable accomodations".
  Good luck.

     Shari, mom to Jayson, now 6, dx'd 6/00, pumping 8/02

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