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Re: [IPp] Pumps in School

Hi Coreen

My daughter in now 12 but she has been diabetic since age 2, When she
started school, they made it loud and clear.They would not help us and we
had no nurse either. I ended going up doing needles for the first few years
until she started learning how to do her own ar age 7.But she still could
not be fully trusted to get the right amount. With pumping, it is way easier
to teach your child. Start now giving your child times he is allowed to do
it all. Maybe make the lunch hour His time to practice on doing it.When he
starts school, request in writing that the teacher or someone will have to
check his blood sugar readings. Give them a good updated list of what is
counted as normal. Explain how the machine works and what needs to be done
in case he gets scared or confused.

If you are in the USA, you can get far better action with requesting a
special sets of rules with having a document set up to help with his needs.

In Canada where I am at, Patricia is now in Junior High and even with major
health issues and learning disabilities, she made the Honor roll list. She
is one super kid.

Tonight she had been major sick to her stomach so I expect she now has the
flu that is going around here. We sleep betterwhen we have the pump for sure
but I will be testing a bit more tonight.

All the best
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