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[IPp] Pumps in School

I have a question regarding the responsibility of a public school when it 
comes to a child on the pump that is too young to be responsible for their 
pump.  Wow, that was a mouth full.  We have decided on a pump for my son who 
will be starting Kindergarten in September.  He will be 5 years old.  At 
first I was told that the school takes a "hands-off" approach to the pump.  
Well, with more discussion they said they would do what was necessary.  Our 
school district does not have a school nurse.  If you have been in this 
situation please share your experiences with me.  I will also pose this 
question to the Insulin Pumpers list.
Coreen - Livonia, MI
(Mom to Michael, 4, dx'd 7-01and Megan, 6)
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