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Re: [IPp] Re: Too many blood tests

 How do you handle snacks throughout the day? Doesn't he need to have a bolus
for the snacks? My daughter age 8 will be going on the pump soon and I was
anticipating she would go to the nurse for each snack (twice a day) and lunch
and for the suspicion of highs & lows. Thank you. Karan, mom of Nicole, dx 14
  email @ redacted wrote:When Paul first started on the pump, we tested his
blood sugar at least 10
times a day. He, too, would go to the nurses office often to be tested. I 
never wanted to discourage him from trusting his own instincts about highs 
and lows. I believe it's trial and error with our kids, too. They need to get 
a sense of when they are high and low and need to be tested. When they go to 
the nurse and are high (or low), it validates their awareness of their own 
bodies. Based on those numbers, we continued to tinker with formulas to avoid 
highs and lows at school. Now, at home and at school, we are down to four 
tests per day most days -- with the exceptions of party days, extra activity 
days, etc. Paul RARELY goes to the nurse except at lunch.

Good luck. Starting on the pump is challenging but well worth it.

Janice, proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 9 and pumping since age 6
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