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[IPp] Re: Too many blood tests

Yes, Barbara.  I feel she is getting obsessive about the blood tests.  Also,
frankly, I am embarrassed when she tests often at school and her blood sugar
levels are high.  The teachers get very concerned and ask us if she is OK.
Now that we are new at the pump, we don't have her basal rates or her boluses
right yet.  I hate to have the teachers concerned so much.
Thanks for your input.  Ellen

Hi Ellen,
     I don't think you should be embarassed about it, and it is nice that the 
teachers are actually concerned.  Now that she is pumping its great that she 
is willing to test often and she will see how her basals and bolus ratios are 
working out.  Its much better that she is testing and correcting her highs 
promptly.  Virtually no one who doesn't have Type 1 realizes how quickly a 
child can get a high bg, or how little food it takes to raise it right up.  
Her numbers will soon get better as you get those ratios worked out for her.  

     My Claire gets high bgs from stress.  It isn't usually visible that 
anything is stressing her, but, for example, after changing to a new school 
she had higher bgs for about 6 weeks, then everything was fine.  I'm sure 
that the pump will help your daughter.  It just might take awhile for her to 
feel really relaxed about things.  She has good habits!
     You know I used to be embarassed when Claire went to doctor's 
appointments and they wanted to do a spot bg test.  Her number always seemed 
to be around 15 or 16 mmol (over 300).  This was when she was on injections.  
I finally figured that the stress of the appointments made her that high.  
But yesterday we had an appointment (not with an Endo, as there aren't any 
where we live) and her random bg was 4.2. (around 75).  I was so pleased, as 
I saw that the previous patient's reading was 14.5.  Claire was relaxed and a 
bit goofy, and didn't pay attention to the dietician who told her to eat more 
     Good luck and keep us posted with how things are going.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8   
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