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re: [IPp] Bolus for Bacon?

<<<From: email @ redacted
my question concerns bacon-since it is a high fat food and doesn't 
really weigh enough to count oz. of protein for  a bolus.  Has anyone had 
experience with an effective bolus for this?  >>>>>

My son loves bacon too.  We've found that adding about 5-10 grams onto Luke's
carb count for high levels of protein (bacon/egg breakfast) and then giving
that extra as a square wave (30min-1 hour) works well for him.  Since your
daughter is only 4 and is probably quite little, you would definitely not want
to use our #'s.   My son is 8 & weighs about 60 lbs and uses a carb ratio of
1:20.  Please confer with someone who can recommend dosages instead of taking
our #'s as a starting point.

We also bolus late in the meal for protein meals.  You might want to try just
doing her bolus late in the meal as a starting point if she's very

My dad has Type 2 but takes insulin.  For a high protein meal, he doesn't
inject for 30min-1 hour after the meal, and that seems to work for him as well.

Shelly V, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 8, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 (MM508)

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