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[IPn] Please support this site!!!

To quote another senior admin:

"And I will add my two cents about Insulin Pumpers. I love it too!
It's big, easy to find, and it's made a tremendous difference in my
life also! I have found excellent advice and ideas and I have made
some really supportive, wonderful relationships. But unlike Trish, I AM
going to ask for more.

Please support this site!!!"

How many things have you learned about from this list? How many friends
have you met, either online or in person? How many times have you felt
depressed, scared, or unsure of yourself and received support, reassurance, or
advice from the list? How many chats have you taken part in? How much
information have you found in the FAQs and How To sections of the Insulin
Pumpers Web site?

Have you received help in dealing with your insurance company? Finding an
infusion set that works and a way to make it stay put? Bolusing
successfully for a pizza dinner? Getting over the flu without a trip to
the ER? Managing a successful pregnancy? Putting together a 504 plan for
your child at school?

If you're reading this note you're obviously a member, so you must have
gained something from your membership.

Now it's time to give back. We're not asking for a lot. We're asking you to
donate whatever you can spare to help keep this site and mailing list running.
We don't get much support from businesses, though it's not for lack of
trying. So we rely on support from our membership to keep the list up and
running. If every member of this list made a regular annual donation of
about $10.00, we could stop the fund drives! (Now there's an idea I could
live with!)

I've been on Diabetes support mailing lists that have been forced to shut
down. And believe me, being left in that void was no fun at all. That's
why I'm beseeching you to do whatever you can to help keep this list
afloat. You can help keep all 4100 some odd list members* out of that
nasty void.

Less than a buck a month; it's all we ask.

IP-Admin Group
*Membership number estimated from chart found
at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/about.shtml at 10:15 PST on Friday
February 7, 2003.

Make your donation at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml

Check the status of our fund drive at 
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org