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[IPp] Re: Switching to novolog

We switched to novolog about a year ago. Andrew is now ten and weighs 
about 70lbs.  I really like the novolog for pumping but we have had 
some trouble with it.  It takes at least 90 minutes to peak, then the 
peak is very fast and strong.  I can check him and he will be 125 and 
in less than 45 minutes be 40.  This is three hours after a blous.
Your son might very well feel low. Andrew tends to feel the drop, but 
once he hits bottom he doesn't feel it anymore. There have been many 
time at night around midnight that I check him and he is 130, but all 
sweaty so I re-check in a few minutes and he is 70 so I treat and re-
check and he is 60 and it continues till i get him to 100.  Once again 
this is three hours after a bolus.  If I give less insulin per caarb 
he is high till the insulin peaks.
This is just our experience with the novolog and from what I 
understand it is rare.
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